From study to realization Automatism (study and wiring) Some examples of CIAM's equipment Greasing Implantation examples Covering

From study to realization

After computer study (DXF and DWG compatible formats, for more please tell us) ...
... and draft plotting ...
... we begin to build and pre-assemble your equipment in our factory ...
... then, we stock the conveyors before expedition to your future installation.

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Automatism (study and wiring)

Study and realization of electrical diagram on computer.
Realization and assemblage of cupboard cabling in our factory.
On site cabling and production tests.

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Some examples of CIAM's equipment

I) Unique product conveyors :

Bricks conveyor.
Glass jars conveyor.
Empty bottles conveyor (grey hall).

II) Multiway conveyors :

Multiway conveyor with retractable chutes.
"Buffer zone" multiway conveyor for glass jars accumulation.
"Buffer zone" multiway conveyor for bottles accumulation.

III) Packs conveyors :

Pallet chain conveyor.

According to your needs :
Width according to batch size.
Accumulation conveyor with wheels carried by lateral chains.

According to your needs :
Wheels length and material.
Accumulation conveyor with roller chain.

According to your needs :
Width according to batch size.

IV) Other types :

Switching flaps and carried off chain system.
Chained elevator for packs.
Machine exit with quarter turn belt.
Elevator/lowerator system.
Butter conveyor.
Manual collecting with evacuation to Scotch tape machine.

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Dry greasing station with line control robot.
Dry greasing using micro-pulverization.

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Implantation examples

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Inox frame with gas jack access trap and key protection system.

According to your needs:
Inox or polycarbonate cover.
"Automatic 2 way switch" covering

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